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Happy New Year 2010
FlashBack Trips in 2009 with Me.
– Krakatau Volcano Adventure with Carmen and Team, amazing Volcano Eruption
– Mount Bromo Ijen Volcano Walking Tour with Anais and Friends, explore the active Volcano
– Ujung Kulon Trekking, with stefany, across Tropical Rain forest at Ujung Kulon National Park

– Thailand Trekking Group Mount Arjuno and Welirang, Bromo

– Mount Semeru – Bromo – Ijen Trekking Malaysia Outdoor Grup
– Mount Bromo – Kawah Ijen with Juni and Friends Malaysia

– Krakatoa Volcano Adventure and Baduy Tribe with Martin, Germany
– Bali to Yogya Volcano Adventure with Gurinder and Friend, UK

– Ujung Kulon Explore with Amanda and Friends, Aussie
– East Java Volcanoes Adventure Plus Cave adv with Celine and Parents, USA
– Arjuno and Welirang Trekking with Bow and Group, Thailand

– Mount Semeru Trekking with Puput Ardianto and Friends, Indonesia
– Mount Semeru Trekking, with Malasya Trekker Group
– East Java Volcano with Hern Foong and Friends, Malaysia
– Mount Semeru with Evie Chen, Malasya Group

– Flores Komodo adventure with Warren Watson, Aussie
– from Bali to Krakatau, Germany
– Across Java, with guest from French

– 1 month trip…. Orang Utan, Across Java, Flores
– Meru Betiri and Kawah Ijen, Reinhard, Austria

– Ujung Kulon Eco Tour with Don and Family, USA

– East Java Adventure Honeymoon semeru, Bromo, ijen, Dugal wilson, UK
– Orang Utan at Tanjung Puting, Italy
– Java Cultural Tour, Joris Belgium

– Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen, stefan, Austria

– Ujung Kulon Eco Tour, Ales Chamrad, Czeck Republic
– Orang Utan Eco Tour, Soumen, India

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