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Ndeso Adventure Consultant establish in 2004 (in 2021 we rename to IDTreks.com) with more than 16 years experience in Adventure Organizer independent in Indonesia with hundred clients from world wide countries.  We leading specialized Adventure Trips for specialization in Volcano Adventure, Volcano Tour, Volcano Trekking, Mountain Trekking, Mountain Hiking and Eco Venture in Indonesia also for specialization Jungle trekking, expedition. We Are a small Operator  but dedicated and enthusiastic team

in our adventure trip, we support Porter Care, Local Community Income, Eco Tourism principal, Local Contribution, pro poor tourism Indonesia, Responsible Travel , Responsible Tourism.

Why you choose us?
if you are care with local people, and want to use your money when you traveling in indonesia, and you will contribution 100% to local people, you are on the right way.
just for Info, some of adventure Travel the owner is come from some rich country, and half of you payment for Eco tour, your money back to your country.

I believe that our adventure holidays should respect and benefit local people and the environment in Indonesia which I work as private guide

My motto:
Let do Travel with Eco-friendly tour and Environmentally Friendly Tours and Also Helping Local People and local community.
you will feel “Arrive a guest, leave as a friend”

Registered Company

  • PT. Mahameru Jelajah Indonesia ltd
  • Legal Register No: AHU-0010507.AH.01.02.TAHUN 2019
  • NIB:Business Identification Number : 8120316022452
    Perum Tataka Puri Blok J5/72 Tangerang 15810 Banten Indonesia
    Mobile & WhatApps +628111096948
    Email : ndesoadventure at gmail.com
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