Krakatoa island is a Super Active Volcanoes in the world and also last biggest eruption ever in the world in 1883, many volcanologist call Dome Days, deadliest volcano with 36.000 people and making tsunami more than 30 m, on 1927 anak krakatau (cracatoa) is born and until now already growing 420 m asl and continuesly build the Island, call Anak Krakatau (child of Cracatoa)

Anak Krakatau, Normally made Strombolian eruption but on this time from 2011 to 2013 The typical of eruption litle bit Changing and during this time Anak Krakatau made Phreatic eruption, Made Growing Lava Dome from November 2011 to April 2012 then Dome has quite and the Made Big Eruption on September 2012 after last know eruption in November 2012…

April 27,2011

Anak Krakatau on April 27,2011. Just steaming have alot fumarole inside of the Crater

May 22,2011

May 22,2011 Anak Krakatau, Made Phreatic Eruption on This Time. this only one time eruption, after that sleep again

September 04,2011

September 04,2011 Climb Anak Krakatau, but we fail into the RIM. too much smell of Sulfur and Degasing


November 27,2011

November 27,2011 Sulfur concentrate is higher, and no Plume during This time


Lava Dome

November 27,2011 Active Lava Dome has slowly growing Inside of Crater



April 07,2012

April 07, 2012 Active Lava Dome growing quikly and this time Magma already on top


April 07,2012

April 07,2012 Active Lava Dome, Growing inside of The Crater


April 07,2012

April 07,2012 Small eruption inside of the Crater one day before I climb the into the Rim to see active Lava dome


May 02,2012

May 02,2012 Inside of Anak Krakatau Crater has been stop to active. this just have fumarole inside of The Crater


May 22,2012

May 22,2012 Inside of Anak Krakatau just Have some active Lava but Not Much Activity. Lava Dome has stop to growing



June 19,2012

June 19,2012 Inside Crater of Anak krakatoa just have some Fumarole, but Some Fire alreasy gone


September 04,2012

September 04,2012, begin at September 03 Lava Dome was exploded and this time Anak Krakatoa showing Vulcanian stombolian eruption and also Made Fresh Lava Flow into the Sea



September 04,2012

Anak Krakatoa, Showing Vulcanian Eruption. this eruption only about less 20 Hours and afternoon has stop eruption


September 04,2012

Anak Krakatau, Made Fresh Lava Flow into the Southern flank, also to western flank. this time temperature of sea water has steaming and some fish are die arround this area


May 10,2013

May 10,2013 Anak Krakatoa Back to Sleep. Last Know small eruption on November 2012