Like The Mother of Anak Krakatoa, on this Time Eruption showing Vulcanian Eruption and also strombolian eruption
and from the Crater fresh Lava Flowing to east and west until to the sea, Sea Water heating and some fish died.. and lava Bomb on this time until the Camp site on Anak Krakatoa or about 1,5 km from the crater and very impresive..burning some forest.. Vulcanic ash Plume more than 2 Km and close from Anak Krakatoa is Lapili Rain
But This eruption is not soo long, start from Sept 03 04.30 pm and stop at Sept 04,16.00,
after that only made 3 times eruption from Fresh Lava Flow.. until Sept 06,2012 fresh Lava Flow still ongoing but not so active..!

fresh lava flowing meet to sea water after stop eruption on September 03,2012

fresh Lava meets to sea water at West Flank of Anak Krakatoa

Vulcanian Eruption of Anak Krakatoa start on Sept 02,2012 16.00 pm until September 03,2012 15.30 pm with Ash Plume morethan 2 km

Small Strombolian eruption, but that is come from Lava Flowing..

this is a sample of Video on eruption at September 03,2012 10.50 am.. and this eruption stop at 16.30 pm

On this trip, I going with German Vulcanologist for Geo Research of Krakatoa Island from September 03,2012 to September 06,2012 4 days 3 night Program..
more photos see here [picasaView album=”AnakKrakatoaOnSep03062012″ instantView=”yes”]

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