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Puncak Jaya Expedition / Carstensz Pyramid 4884 m – Papua, Indonesia

About Mount Mount Carstensz Pyramid 4884 m – Papua, Indonesia ocation : West Papua Province, Indonesia | Range : Sudirman Mountains Coordinates : 4° 04′ 73″ S, 137°09′ 57″ E is the highest mountain on the island of New Guinea, on the Australia-New Guinea continent and in Oceania. It is the highest point between the Himalaya and the Andes and the highest island peak in the world also known as Sudirman Range ! Or ndugunduguoo or nassau range is a…

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Mt Sinabung Special Eruption Tour

This trip is design for only special eruption tour, if you interesting feel free to contact me at ndesoadventure@gmail.com from end of october 2016, Mount Sinabung continue ongoing eruption with pyroclatic flow into southern flank. Mt Sinabung Special eruption tour, this is will going with experience volcano tour guide in Indonesia. this trip only valid on November 2016 Mount Sinabung (Indonesian: Gunung Sinabung, also Dolok Sinabung,[3] Deleng Sinabung, Dolok Sinaboen,Dolok Sinaboeng and Sinabuna is a Pleistocene-to-Holocene stratovolcano of andesite and…

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Mount Raung Eruption made made Volcanic Cone and also fresh Lava Flow inside the Caldera

Mount Raung Volcano, with elevation about 3300m asl, still continue eruption with Mild Strombolian – maybe look likes Vulcanian and also made Volcanic Cone and fresh lava Flow inside the Caldera Produce of Ash Plume, Lava Bomb and Lapili. Wake Up at June 25,2015 and this Volcano Continue eruption. this expedition on July 07,2015 and very hard to climb with distance about 22 km from the sumber Waringin Village. and seismic tremer record continue begin July 01,2015 and still ongoing…

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Lewotobi Volcano raised to Alert – Level 2 from Normal at Sept 30,2013

CVGHM reported that seismicity at Lewotobi Perempuan are increase and from September 30,2013 raised status from Normal to Alert (level II) Lewotobi Volcano 1703m asl is twin Volcano with name Lewotobi Laki-Laki and Lewotobi Perempuan also know as “husband and wife” Volcano. located in the southeastern part of the island of Flores, east Flores Indonesia Lewotobi Perempuan in History ever recorded erupted in 1921 and 1935, 1921 eruption accompanied the eruption of ash hurl stones. While the 1935 eruption of…

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Batu Tara Volcano Expedition and Paluweh Volcano 2013

Note: Expedition to Batu Tara is Isolated island, and the island is No People, Clean water, and we will sleep at Bivak at Front of Batu Tara Volcano at east flank, and sometimes also litle bit difficult for Landing because waves in the beach and YOU MUST HAVE PROCTECTING CAMERA EQUIPMENT from Sea Water is very important Expedition to Paluweh is very Basic facility and NO Accommodation/Hotel. We sleep at Camp/Bivak/Local House and Transport only using Motorcycle, and No Clean…

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Paluweh Volcano (Rokatenda) Active Lava Dome

Paluweh Volcano, known as Palue Island locate in Ende Regency, Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia) 8.32°S, 121.708°E; summit elev. 875 m, but this island is a Part of Sikka Regency, when I visit during this trip, still continues to build the New Active Lava Dome. popular call Rokatenda Volcano! this is just share some photos of Active Lava Dove on expedition Trip on November 30,2012 to December 02,2012 first reported by Local people on June 2012 with soo many times earth…

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Mount Raung Produce of Vulcanic Ash Plume and continue eruption

After Vulcanology survey of Indonesia change status of Mount Raung (Gunung Raung Volcano) from Normal to Level II at October 17,2012, on October 19,2012 Mount Raung Already made small eruption inside of Big Caldera with more than 2 Km. During eruption, also with small strombolian , 25 Okt 2012 – Community surrounding Mt. Raung has to be calm and not influenced by irresponsible issue concerning the explosion of Mt. Raung Mount Raung 3332 m is one of the active volcanoes…

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