This is some of Photo update of Vulcanic Activity on our Trip for Volcano Active tour from Anak Krakatoa to Mt Semeru, this trip during on May 03 to May 18,2012

Anak Krakatoa on May 04,2012 litle bit cooling down if compare on April but this still continue have Active Lava Dome

Still have active Lava

Mt Galungung Volcano on this trip, since the Alert Level was raised on 12 February, seismic activity at Galunggung had drastically decreased through 27 May. During 27 April-27 May plants around the crater area looked green and lush, small fish were swimming in the water report from Global Vulcanism Program

Mount Papandayan Volcano, when I visit this volcano is bad weather and rainy.. but not much activity on this volcano. then Continue to Visit Dieng Volcano complex and also we climb Mt Merapi. Mt Merapi with New Big Crater with New Lava Dome. some of behine of Lava Dome still Have Active Lava

our local guide say, this is look growth but that is Lava Dome after big Eruption on 2010

Active Lava Inside Crater of Mt Merapi on May 2012

After Climb Mt Merapi at central Java, then Continue to Visit Mt Kelud Lava Dome this growth on Sept to November 2007

Mt Kelud (kelut) Lava Dome on May 2012

Next destination is Climbing Mt Semeru, Mount Semeru Volcano is the most very active Volcanoes in Java. this is open for climb by Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park on May 12,2012 and on the National park only give us permit for climb Mt Semeru until Kali Mati Camp. if we climb until the Peak of Mt Semeru 3676 m is by Own Risk. I climb on May 16,2012 after more than 4 months Mt Semeru is very active from Feb 2012 to May 2012 on Level III.

Mount Semeru on May 2012

if you looking for Proffessional Volcanism Guide to Climb Mt Semeru you can see this link for Package to Climb Mt Semeru

Kawah Ijen Volcano! on April 29,2012. even this volcano is close to visiting and also still on Level 3, but not much change on crater..also the lake! even this Volcano still close by Goverment, but already possible to Visiting withaut Permit.

this is Night photography at Kawah Ijen Volcano

Kawah Ijen at the Night

More Photos of Java Active Volcano tour see bellow
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