Gamkonora Volcano is stratovolcano type the Highest Volcano in halmahera islands with elevation 1635 m, Since its first recorded eruption in the 16th century, Gamkonora has typically produced small-to-moderate explosive eruptions. Its largest historical eruption, in 1673, was accompanied by tsunamis that inundated villages

On May – June 2012, Gamkonora Volcano is Increase the Vulcanic activity also Tremor earth quake 1-7 times a days
21-30 May 2012, seismic systems report 233 times Volcanic activity, and June 12 is 36 times recorded of and increase status from Level II to Level III *report by Vulcanology Survey of Indonesia.

Mount Dukono is one of the most active volcanoes in North Maluku, Ongoing eruption is Dukuno Volcano, and others Volcano in halmahera is Mount Gamalama, Mount Kiematube, Mount Makian, and Mount Ibu

Gamkonora Eruption History
Gamkonora is a stratovolcano with 12 historic eruption between 1564 and 1987. Nearly all of the eruptions were explosive. The eruptions in 1564 and 1673 caused fatalities and damage. The 1673 eruption was the largest (VEI=5) and a tsunami associated with the eruption produced waves that inundated villages.
from 1564 until now, this Volcano already eruption 11 time in recorded
– 1673 is explosive eruption produce of pyroclastic and Lava Bomb, Ash, Sands, Lapili, and rock Material
– The 1981 eruption include phreatic explosions
– 2001 Mount Gamkonora in Indonesia spews plumes of smoke into the air
– the 2007 status of Gamkonora is Level 2 with White smoke continuesly from the Crater
– June 2012 status of Gamkonora Volcano are increase to level III

Mt Gamkonoro and Gunung Ibu from Sofifie, Halmahera

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