Mount Ibu Volcano is one of the strato-type active volcano located in the District of Mother, West Halmahera, North Maluku Province. G. Peak Mom is at geographic coordinates 1 ° 29 ‘south latitude and 127 ° 38’ East Longitude. Since the eruption in December 1998 which produced lava plugs,Mount Ibu Crater charged lava dome continues to experience growth until recently. On August 5, 2009 at 16:00 CDT activity status of G. Alert status was raised from the mother (Level II) to standby (Level III). Increased seismic activity Gunung Ibu (mount Ibu Volcano) is characterized by the appearance of firelight high to 20 m accompanied by a roar, and lava flow on the upper slopes.

Since the date of August 4, 2009 eruption observed smoke gray with a height of 300-400 meters above the reach peak G. Mother.

Since the alert was raised to the status (Level III) until now, is still observed visually with white smoke – gray is – thick with a high smoke 200-400 meters from the summit. Seismic activity G. Mother is dominated by the eruption and earthquake Earthquake Blowing. The following evaluation of passed Gunung Ibu in the period from January – August 2011 based on visual observations and seismology