Climb Mount Binaiya – Manusela National Park

Mount Binaiya 3027m asl is the highest peak on the island of Seram and is part of the Manusuela National Park.

Manusela National Park is located on Seram island, in the Maluku archipelago of Indonesia. It is made up of coastal forest, swamp forest, lowland and montane rainforest ecosystem types. Mount Binaiya at 3,027 meters, is the highest of the park’s six mountains. Seram is remarkable for its high degree of localised bird endemism.[1] The park also includes important karst landscapes. On Mount Hatu Saka, near the coast of Saleman-Sawai, it is the Goa HatuSaka, currently the deepest cave of the whole Indonesia

get there: Fly from Jakarta to Ambon and take a boat to Seram. The trail starts at only a few meters above sea level so it is quite an undertaking. You will need guides and several nights camping in the mountains

Climb Mount Binaya 3027m, you need take about 8-10 days, if you starting from Ambon

and this is simple itinerary for trekking to Binaiya mountain

Day 01 Flight Jakarta – Ambon then to Masohi – Tehoru – Desa Piliana
Day 02 Trekking from Piliana Village to Sungai Yamhitala
Day 03 Continue trekking to Pos 3 (Highcamp) – Pos 4 (Isilali)
Day 04 Continue Trekking Pos 5 (Nasapeha)
Day 05 Continue trekking to Summit of Binaiya Peak 3027m and back to Pos 4
Day 06 Contine trekking back to Piliana Village
Day 07 Enjoying Piliana Hots Spring then to Ora beach
Day 08 Enjoy Ora Beach. Swimming, Snorkeling
Day 09 Back to Ambon

or this Itinerary

Day 01  Flight to Ambon from jakarta or Bali then direct transfer to Tulehu and by ferry to Masohi then to piliana village, overnight here
Day 02  Trekking Yaputi – Piliana village  until  to Camp Sungai Yahe
Day 03 : Continue Trekking Highcamp
Day 04  Continue Trekking Camp Nasapeha
Day 05 Continue Trekking to Waifuku peak of Binaiya 3027 mdpl
Day 06 Trekking Back to  Camp Isilali
Day 07 Trekking back to  Highcamp
Day 08 continue to Sungai Yahe and direct to Piliana Village
Day 09  Transfer to Masohi and continue to Ambon, overnight at Hotel
Day 10 Flight to jakarta

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