this is simple story when I trip with my guest from German society of Volcanology. the trip starting from Bali and finish at Mount Papandayan.

in this trip, we study of Volcanoes visiting Mount Ijen (kawah Ijen) test the lake temperature and acid then after here, we exploration the south flank of Mount semeru, already 3 month in active. next destination is explore Mount Kelud for testing the Oxygen concentrate and Hot temperature.

in Mount Merapi we explore the Woro craters, the new crater in active eruption at 2006, then explore the Old Lava Dome on eruption at 2004.

from yogya, we flight using garuda Indonesia to Jakarta then directly to Carita beach for 2 night expedition to Krakatau. and after here, visit Mount Papandanyan end Finish the trip in Jakarta.
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