G. Kerinci geographically located at the position 1 ° 41.5 ‘and the LS 101 ° 16’ BT, with a high peak 3.800m dpl. While administratively located in the two provinces and two districts, namely: Jambi, Kerinci District, and Province of West Sumatra, Kabupaten Solok.

G. Kerinci Normal on the status of removing the smoke is almost always from the crater, with white and thin altitude ± 300 m from the summit.

Since September,9 2007 the status of G. Kerinci be promoted (Level II) because the observed jet black smoke out of the crater with a height of ± 800 m. However, after the height of the smoke observed showed a decline. However the status of G. Kerinci is still maintained at the level 2, because the height of smoke still vary.

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