Today, it has happened three times in the eruption of Mount Marapi. yesterday, the eruption occurred 13 times and four times the gusts of smoke in the crater Marapi.

increased volcanic activity. In fact, the number of eruptions increased three-fold during ten days in October

Mount Marapi location in west sumatera, Tanah Datar region is one of active volcanoes in sumatera.  in history this volcano reportedly On 8 September 1830 issued a cauliflower-shaped clouds of gray-black with a thickness of 1500 m above the crater, accompanied by rumbling sounds

then eruption again on On April 30, 1979, according to press reports mentioned 60 people were killed by the eruption of Mount Marapi and also mentioned 19 rescue workers trapped by landslides. The eruption is said to also remove stones and mud that cause least damage to the residential area of ​​the five areas your Site

How to Getting Mount Merapi:

easy way is take flight to Padang, then from here using public transport to Bukit Tinggi and stop at Koto Baru Village, Normally trek to summit will be take 4-5 hours Hike Up and Possible in Day trip to Climb Mount Merapi.

another route is Using Padang Panjang Village, trek hike up take 6-7 hours.