Mount Tambora, on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia erupted in one of the largest volcanic events,  this is one of past ten thousands years Biggest eruption Ever with Explosive eruption . This one of Volcanoes Eruption with deadliest Volcanoes with more than 92.000 people died, also  dramatic change of Climate in the world

in 1815, the eruption produce of Clouds of gas, dust and ash were launched into the upper atmosphere and over the next eighteen months, spread out across the globe, and making that year without Summer.

The Crater after 1815, before this Volcano elevation is 4200m, and Now only 2.700 m

In the period 1847 – 1913 occurred in parts of the caldera eruptions that produce lava flow and the formation of Crater Doro Api Toi
and this year on 2010, begin on Aug 30,2011 this Volcanoes is increase on Activity from Normall Volcanoes status (level 1) to Level II (advisory) on this duration Volcanic Earthquake In continued to increase until 7 September 2011 some 32 times Volcanic Earthquake In (VA) in just 6 hours.
and Change status to Level III (Watch)

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Mount Tambora and Mount Rinjani Big Craters Expedition

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Anothers Active Volcanoes in Indonesia, on Level II is Lewotobi Perempuan, Mount Karang Getang, and also Mount Papandayan and Level III Mount Lokon, and still on going eruption Mount Batutara at Komba Island, Mount Marapi in west sumatera and Mount Lokon at North Sulawesi.

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The child of Lava Dome