Mt Welirang, with elevation 3156m, location in east Java, with coordinate …. with also have 3 summit, Mt Kembar 1, Mt Kembar 2 and Mt Arjuno with elevation 3339m all of this volcano type is Stratovolcano. With 3 summit is active Volcanoes with little bit smoke and smells of sulfur.

Mount Arjuno from Mount Welirang

Mt Arjuno is the second highest volcano in East Java after the famous Mount Semeru, with all rock material on summit, and one of difficult trek for Volcano adventure in east Java. This Summit have 5 access route for climb, via Tretes Village, Taman Safari Park, Purwosari Village, Lawang Village and Cangar Village with all trek is Hiking up. And recommended for 3 days 2 night trip.

Mt Welirang, is possible for access via all route to Mt Arjuno, but more easier using Tretes Village (sulfur mines Route) or via Cangar Village crossing Mt Kembar 2, Mt Welirang is very active volcanoes in east Java and one of second big Bank of sulfur production in Java after Kawah Ijen. Every days more than 15 ton sulfur stone taking from the Welirang Fumaroles in west flank of Mt Welirang.

Sulfure Mine carry sulfure stone from Fumarole

In here have more than 30 people work as sulfur mines, they living at Sulfure Hut at elevation 2400m in Tretes Route, and for carrying the sulfur, people using trolly take more than 4 km from fumaroles base to Jeep Pickup.

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