“This 2010 Merapi eruption of the second Biggest eruption of Merapi In 100 Years”
MT Merapi, location at Central Java with elevation 2998m asl, this Volcano is one of very active volcanoes over the World.

ashes going up on MT Merapi eruption 2010, this photo taken from Deles Village 4 km from the Summits
Flicker Photography, originally uploaded by Ndeso Adventure.

in Oct 26, 2010 17.00 local time  was erupted with explosion, on this first eruption Mt Merapi kill  15 people from Kinah Rejo village, this village only 3 km from summit Mt Merapi, when Mt Merapi explosion this Volcano also produce of Phyroclastic  flow  with Hot Smoke, dust and ashes  destroy  more than 4 villages close from Gendol River where is phyroclastis flow on this River.

after this phase eruption MT merapi was look Normal Condition, then after a week no activity, on Nov 3,2010 MT Merapi was Eruption again with also Explosion this is contonuesly  until Nov 7,2010 Mt Merapi eruption with more Bigger than 1894,  this eruption more than 300.000 people evacuate and killed more than 245 people living close from Kali Gendol, where is Lava Flow with hot smoke flowing on this river.

eruption that occurred in 2010 was beyond the eruption of Mount Merapi, which occurred in 1872 who issued the material more than 100 million cubic meters, with a roar exceeds 60 km, through the vibration of more than five days, with very fast speed injection of magma from the depths 6 km of 25 cubic meters to 35 cubic meters per second or in a few hours to reach 3 million cubic meters and destroy more than 2500 housing near from Mt Merapi

The eruption in 1930 killed at least 1370 people in 13 villages on the slopes of Merapi. But this is not the biggest eruption. Precisely the largest eruption occurred in 1006. It was all covered with volcanic ash Java,
Indonesian Volcanology noted, a large eruption of Merapi occurred in 1006, 1786, 1822, 1872, and 1930. Previous eruption occurred four years ago, precisely on June 8, 2006 at 09:03 with Lava Dome.

MT Merapi from Deles Village