Paluweh Volcano, known as Palue Island locate in Ende Regency, Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia) 8.32°S, 121.708°E; summit elev. 875 m, but this island is a Part of Sikka Regency, when I visit during this trip, still continues to build the New Active Lava Dome. popular call Rokatenda Volcano!
this is just share some photos of Active Lava Dove on expedition Trip on November 30,2012 to December 02,2012

first reported by Local people on June 2012 with soo many times earth quake, then from the Plat Land near of Rokatenda Volcano, this active lava dome step by step growing and my opinion alomost 900m above sea level and continuesly growing.

During on this time, New Lava Dome local people give new name is Rorembola Volcano, made rock fall, Pyroclatics flow but this still arround the Dome.

Active Lava Dome of Rorembola, it’s continuesly to growing and made rock falls and Pyroclastic

The Dome was still unstable and sometimes made Rock fall like this photo..

Pyrocalstic flow to southern flank, also sometimes to northern flank of Lava Dome

Smoke plume, photo from Geothermal area. about 2,5 km from the Volcano

Local People collecting clean water for Drink from Steaming of Geothermal, for about 2 litre need almost one days.. because no clean water on Palu’e island

more photo click here
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Eruption History
1973 eruption
Paluweh erupted in January 1973, ejecting ash and bombs to 100 m above the crater also destroyed the vegetation

1963-66 Eruptions
Explosive activity between 1963 and 1966 produced pyroclastic flows, lava flows and a lava dome. Fatalities were caused by pyroclastic flows.

1928 eruption and tsunami
On 4 August 1928, a large explosive eruption caused a landslide, which in turn triggered a tsunami with waves up to 5-10 m height, killing more than 160 people.

1985 Wake up and Build the New Lava Dome, known as Rokatenda Volcano
2012 June 2012 until this report, also evacuate some village and now continuesly Build the New Active Lava Dome local people give name Rorembola