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Destination Available for visiting and exploring with us:

National Park in Indonesia
Java Island

* Ujung Kulon National Park (jungle trekking, Exploring, sailing, surfing, fishing, wild life adventure)
* Gede Pangrango National Park (volcano trekking, mountain trekkinng)
* Gunung Halimun National Park (jungle trekking and Exploring)
* Meru Betiri National Park (Jungle Trekking, wild life adventure, wild bird)
* Alas Purwo National Park (surfing, wild life adventure and exploring)
* Baluran National Park (exploring and wild life adventure)
* Thousand Island National Park (snorkel, exploring)
* Karimun Jawa Marine National Park (exploring)
* Tanjung Puting National Park (orang utan Exploration)

Bali – Lombok – Flores – Timor

* Gunung Rinjani National Pak (volcano trekking)
* Bali Barat National Park ( exploring, snorkeling, soft trekking)
* Komodo National Park (exploring, sailing, wild life adventure)
* Kelimutu National Park (exploring)


* Kerinci Seblat National Park (volcano Trekking, wild bird watching)
* Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (jungle and Beach trekking, wild life adventure)
* Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park (jungle trekking, wild life adventure)
* Berbak National Park (wild life Adventure)
* Way Kambas National Park (wild life adventure)


* Tanjung Puting National Park (wild life adventure)
* Sentarum Lake National Park (exploring)
* Cross Borneo Expedition (jungle and River Adventure)
* Barito – Mahakam River and Rainforest Exploration
* Meratus Mountain Jungle Trekking


* Bawa Karaeng National Park (mountain trekking)
* Lore lindo National Park (exploring, heritage)
* Bunaken National Park
* Togian National Park
* Bone Rate Marine National Park

Volcano Adventure and Walking Study Tour

* Mount Kerinci Volcano Trekking – west Sumtera (active Volcano)
* Mount Dempo – South Sumtera (active Volcano)
* Mount Krakatoa – Lampung (active Volcano)
* Mount Marapi – West Sumatra (active Volcano)
* Mount Gede -west Java (active Volcano)
* Mount Slamet – central Java – (active Volcano)
* Mount Merapi – Yogya (active Volcano)
* Mount Welirang – east Java (active Volcano)
* Mount Semeru – east Java (active Volcano)
* Mount Raung – east Java (active Volcano)
* Mount Ijen – east Java (active Volcano)
* Mount Rinjani – Lombok (active volcano)
* Mount Tambora – Sumbawa (volcano mountain)
* Mount Latimojong (roof of selebes)
* Mount Egon Flores (active Volcano)
* Mount Ranaka
* Ratu Crater
* Dieng Volcano Complex

Others Destination or need itinerary for Volcano Walking please contact us by Email Me