On June, I have 2 times visit Paluweh Volcano, this time i can get very close from the New Lava Dome call name “Rorem Bola”
During this Time, Earth Quake coming every 20-30 minute after that at the Dome have small rock fall and also land Shaking.

Gunung Rokatenda on March explosive eruption

Gunung Rokatenda on March explosive eruption


Lava Dome, after 10 hours made explosive Eruption on Aug 4,2012



Gunung Rokatenda, look like no activity but during this time rock fall still ongoing into the new hole.

On July, about 2 week local people report no more earth quake and on July 28,2013 local people report have a plume from the New Lava Dome. after that like no more activity like this photo

on August 01, 2013 16.00 the Lava Dome Made Explosive eruption but only a few minute.. like this photo..

then on August 04,2013 at 01.30 am, Rikatenda Volcano also explosive Again at west flank of New Lava Dome. 10 hours later I visit the Volcano to see the changing after explosive

New Lava Dome after Explosive eruption, also during this eruption made Lava Bomb about 1.5 km from The Lava Dome.

and then on August 10,2013 at 04.00 Gunung Rokatenda, Made Explosive again and also made Pyroclastic flow into the sea at westnorth Flank, this time kill 5 people from Roka role village.

my local contact say still have ash.. and I was thinking the Lava Dome still Growing.! I hope next eruption no more local people died

History of New Lava Dome call Rorem Bola Volcano
– June 2012. Earth quake feel by local people, this time begun the Volcano wake Up
– Aug 2012 – November 2012 during this time, New Lava Dome Growing and made Rock fall, sometime made small pyroclastic
– December 2012 to January 2013 Pyroclactic Flow into the southern Flank, some time until into the sea
– February 2013 Land Shaking and Rock Fall coverage all of Lava Dome. then stop and Feb 25,2013 Lava Dome Explode at Midle
– March – April 2013 The dome continue growing sometime Made Explosive Eruption
– May to June 2013 Land Shaking and look like have big presure from the under Ground
– July 28,2013 Local people reported have small plume
– Aug 01,2013 Explosive Eruption no reported from news paper
– Aug 04,2013 Explosive Eruption also produce of Lava Bomb
– Aug 10,2013 Explosive Eruption also produce of Lava Bomb and Pyroclastic flow into the west flank, kill 6 people

more info about vulcanic activity visit http://www.volcano.si.edu/volcano.cfm?vn=264150



Gunung Rokatenda Map Pyroclastic flow and Lahar Flow after Latest Erutpion on Aug 10,2013