Soputan volcano is one of an active volcano whose activity is characterized by the occurrence of avalanches, avalanches on the lava dome with or without awanpanas followed by avalanches. Strato type volcano is located in South Minahasa regency, North Sulawesi with the position coordinates at 01o06 ’30 N and 124o43′ East Longitude.

The period between the two eruptions G. Soputan occurred with the longest period of about 47 years. Characteristics eruption G. Soputan in general form an explosive eruption with or without eruptions followed awanpanas and effusive eruptions. At the time of eruption, G. Soputan produce a burst of material such as ash, sand, lapilli and bombs, and there avalanches, lava avalanches, occasionally followed awanpanas flow.

From June 21 until July 2, 2011, seismic activity G. Soputan showed an increase in volcanic activity significant ·