active volcanoes

Mount Tambora, Indonesia Volcanoes erupted in one of the largest

Mount Tambora, on the island of Sumbawa, Indonesia erupted in one of the largest volcanic events,  this is one of past ten thousands years Biggest eruption Ever with Explosive eruption . This one of Volcanoes Eruption with deadliest Volcanoes with more than 92.000 people died, also  dramatic change of Climate in the world in 1815, the eruption produce of Clouds of gas, dust and ash were launched into the upper atmosphere and over the next eighteen months, spread out across…

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Kawah Ijen is home to the largest lake of sulfur acid in the world

Mount Ijen popular call as Kawah Ijen, location beetween Bondowoso region and Banyuwangi region, east Java.  Kawah ijen 2300 metres above sea-level, with volcano is one of several volcanoes located in the 15km diameter including Coffee Plantation area, The volcanic cone of Kawah Ijen dominates the landscape at the eastern end of Java, indonesia. The crater is filled by a spectacular turquoise blue lake The Lake areal is 45 hectare with Deep of Lake is about 200 m is home…

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Update Trip: Adventure Honeymoon

this is I’m arrange the trip for Adventure Honeymoon in Indonesia, visit spectacular Eruption of Mount Semeru, in east Java, and Visit Mount Bromo then Kawah Ijen Hiking. the trip ending in Bali Island. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Wilson, from Bristol, England. UK I’m Not work for Agent, I work as Private Tour Guide in Indonesia [picasaView album=”2009Oct13Semeru” instantView=”yes”] Planning your Adventure Honeymoon In Indonesia, and you can choose where is you like for Destination, My specialist in Volcanoes…

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Krakatoa Volcano Tour

Review : Krakatoa island is a Super Active Volcanoes in the world and also last biggest eruption ever in the world in 1883, many volcanologist call Dome Days, deadliest volcano with 36.000 people and making tsunami more than 30 m, on 1927 anak krakatau (cracatoa) is born and until now already growing 420 m asl and continuesly build the Island, call Anak Krakatau (child of Cracatoa) Krakatau Volcano tour with Professional Guide specialist in Volcano Tour Noted: For Special Volcano…

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