Anak Krakatoa made Vulcanian-Strombolian Eruption on September 2012

Like The Mother of Anak Krakatoa, on this Time Eruption showing Vulcanian Eruption and also strombolian eruption and from the Crater fresh Lava Flowing to east and west until to the sea, Sea Water heating and some fish died.. and lava Bomb on this time until the Camp site on Anak Krakatoa or about 1,5 km from the crater and very impresive..burning some forest.. Vulcanic ash Plume more than 2 Km and close from Anak Krakatoa is Lapili Rain But…

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Active Lava Dome continue to growing at Anak Krakatoa Volcano

Anak Krakatoa Update on April 2012, on Thurday 05,2012, I visited of Post monitoring of known activity of Anak Krakatau continues to increase. Monday last, the amount of seismicity [picasaView album=”AnakKrakatoaApril2012″ instantView=”yes”] Visit Anak Krakatoa with experience Volcano Adventure  Guide feel free to contact us or click only occurs  rising to 230 up to 300 times on every 3 hours,   then on April 06,2012 I visiting the Anak Krakatoa   and we see the anak krakatoa produce of Volcanic ash plume…

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