climate change

Tourism Development in a Changing Climate

*New e-publication: “Tourism Development in a Changing Climate”* *Backgrounds and Perspectives on the Role of Tourism in International Climate Politics* Tourism Development in a Changing Climate On the occasion of the climate conference COP 15 in Copenhagen, respect and partners illustrate backgrounds and perspectives on the role of tourism in international climate politics. The publication shows that the interrelations between climate change and international development present major challenges to the tourism sector. In the countries of the North, travelling has…

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10 eco things you can do

The climate change problems of the world and how to solve them can be an overwhelming issue to take in and take on. But it is actually quite simple when it comes down to it. Here is a list of 10 things you can do as a tourist and at home to reduce your CO2 emissions – those carbon dioxide gasses, which burn the ozone layer, melt the ice and make the world a warmer place – and not in a good way. Switch off TVs, computers and lights…

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