Batu Tara Active Volcano Expedition on November 2012

Batu Tara Volcano is has been active since January 2007 and until this report still ongoing eruption with strombolian eruption every 10-45 minutes erupted. The first historical eruption from Batu Tara, during 1847-52, produced explosions and a lava flow During this trip on November 25-29, 2012 Batu Tara Volcano (pulau komba) is an Isolated in the ofshore Flores Sea about 50 km from Lembata Island or about 78 km from East Flores (Larantuka small town) Eruption History The first historical…

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An Across Borneo Jungle expedition

this is some of Update Photos on Across Borneo Jungle expedition,  from Aug 07 to Aug 24,2011 follow the Old Dayak Punan Route, also Follow the route of Georg Muller 1825 and a German explorer Anthony Schwaner expedition 1843-1848, some of Adventurer and explorer told about this trip is Challenging with also sometimes Very Booring for Transport this trip are most interesting combination with Land Transport, River Boat (long Boat) and Crossing Jungle and river way from West to East…

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