Paluweh Volcano Made Pyroclastic Flow into the Sea

People in Palu’e Island they believe if the noisy over the Rokatenda Volcano, they are working Ancestors .. they all went into the plantation, they ran out of fear taken by ancestor spirits. after the check, not the ancestors that worked, but the Volcano is currently active and build a New Lava Dome. People are starting made Local Ceremony, he said in order to send a message to Angry Ancestor is, if we are still alive and still here, we…

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Update North Sulawesi Volcano Trekking Oct 22-31,2012

This is Some photos of North Sulawesi Volcano Trekking. this trip during October 22 to October 31,2012 on this trip visit Tangkoko Nature Reserve to wacthing Tarsier Spectrum.. but the most of this trip is Volcanoes Trekking at North Sulawesi. explore Mt Klabat, Mount Soputan, Mahawu Volcano, Mt Lokon Volcano and the Most Super Active Volcano at Siau Island call name Siau Api or Karangetang Volcano Itinerary Program North Sulawesi Trip D1 Aiport – Tangkoko – Hotel Pick up from…

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Gamkonora Volcano its status increased to level III

Gamkonora Volcano is stratovolcano type the Highest Volcano in halmahera islands with elevation 1635 m, Since its first recorded eruption in the 16th century, Gamkonora has typically produced small-to-moderate explosive eruptions. Its largest historical eruption, in 1673, was accompanied by tsunamis that inundated villages On May – June 2012, Gamkonora Volcano is Increase the Vulcanic activity also Tremor earth quake 1-7 times a days 21-30 May 2012, seismic systems report 233 times Volcanic activity, and June 12 is 36 times…

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