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Anak Krakatau Update

Krakatoa (Indonesian: Krakatau), also known as Krakatau, is a volcanic island made of a’a lava in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. The name is used for the island group, the main island (also called Rakata), and the volcano as a whole. The island exploded in 1883, killing approximately 36000 people, although some estimates put the death toll much higher. The explosion is still considered to be the loudest sound ever heard in modern…

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MT Merapi eruption 2010 is a second Biggest

“This 2010 Merapi eruption of the second Biggest eruption of Merapi In 100 Years” MT Merapi, location at Central Java with elevation 2998m asl, this Volcano is one of very active volcanoes over the World. ashes going up on MT Merapi eruption 2010, this photo taken from Deles Village 4 km from the Summits Flicker Photography, originally uploaded by Ndeso Adventure. in Oct 26, 2010 17.00 local time  was erupted with explosion, on this first eruption Mt Merapi kill  15…

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Java Volcanoes Study

this is simple story when I trip with my guest from German society of Volcanology. the trip starting from Bali and finish at Mount Papandayan. in this trip, we study of Volcanoes visiting Mount Ijen (kawah Ijen) test the lake temperature and acid then after here, we exploration the south flank of Mount semeru, already 3 month in active. next destination is explore Mount Kelud for testing the Oxygen concentrate and Hot temperature. in Mount Merapi we explore the Woro…

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Krakatoa Volcano Tour

Review : Krakatoa island is a Super Active Volcanoes in the world and also last biggest eruption ever in the world in 1883, many volcanologist call Dome Days, deadliest volcano with 36.000 people and making tsunami more than 30 m, on 1927 anak krakatau (cracatoa) is born and until now already growing 420 m asl and continuesly build the Island, call Anak Krakatau (child of Cracatoa) Krakatau Volcano tour with Professional Guide specialist in Volcano Tour Noted: For Special Volcano…

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