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Dukono Volcano on Going Eruption

Dukono is located at the northern most of the Halmahera island. It has a broad profile and is capped by many compound craters. Dukono is a very active volcano. Now in last update on Going eruption with ash rain, also some sands material eruption at December 05,2009 [picasaView album=”DukonoVolcanoHalmahera” instantView=”yes”] “Ternate (ANTARA News) – Mount Dukono in North Halmahera Regency (Halmahera utara), North Maluku eruption with  re-belching ash, following an increase in volcanic activity volcano 1500 meters highes. “Ash from…

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Gunung Ibu (Mount Ibu) buil a lava dome continues to experience growth until recently

Mount Ibu Volcano is one of the strato-type active volcano located in the District of Mother, West Halmahera, North Maluku Province. G. Peak Mom is at geographic coordinates 1 ° 29 ‘south latitude and 127 ° 38’ East Longitude. Since the eruption in December 1998 which produced lava plugs,Mount Ibu Crater charged lava dome continues to experience growth until recently. On August 5, 2009 at 16:00 CDT activity status of G. Alert status was raised from the mother (Level II)…

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