Mount Raung

Mount Raung Eruption made made Volcanic Cone and also fresh Lava Flow inside the Caldera

Mount Raung Volcano, with elevation about 3300m asl, still continue eruption with Mild Strombolian – maybe look likes Vulcanian and also made Volcanic Cone and fresh lava Flow inside the Caldera Produce of Ash Plume, Lava Bomb and Lapili. Wake Up at June 25,2015 and this Volcano Continue eruption. this expedition on July 07,2015 and very hard to climb with distance about 22 km from the sumber Waringin Village. and seismic tremer record continue begin July 01,2015 and still ongoing…

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Mount Raung Produce of Vulcanic Ash Plume and continue eruption

After Vulcanology survey of Indonesia change status of Mount Raung (Gunung Raung Volcano) from Normal to Level II at October 17,2012, on October 19,2012 Mount Raung Already made small eruption inside of Big Caldera with more than 2 Km. During eruption, also with small strombolian , 25 Okt 2012 – Community surrounding Mt. Raung has to be calm and not influenced by irresponsible issue concerning the explosion of Mt. Raung Mount Raung 3332 m is one of the active volcanoes…

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Mount Raung Volcano 3332 m

Mount Raung 3332 m is one of the active volcanoes on the island of Java in Indonesia. It is located in the province of East Java, is a part of 3 distric of Bondowoso, Banyuwangi and Jember. With 2 km wide Caldera surrounded by a grayish rim. The difference in color of the rim and the flanks of the volcanoes is caused by the rim’s lack of vegetation compared with the healthy and extensive vegetation on the flanks Mount Raung…

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