mount slamet

Mount Slamet still ongoing eruption with Strombolian eruption begin at Aug 12,2014

Mount Slamet or Gunung Slamet is an active stratovolcano in the Purbalingga Regency of Central Java, Indonesia with elevation 3428m Raised to level 3 begin at Aug 12,2014 this made Strombolian eruption with constant magma presure and also tremor and this is some of share photo during Aug 26,2014 Build the Baby of Volcano inside of Main Crater, Eruption type: Strombolian Produce Lava Bomb plume arround 50-100 meter, No Ash material but have lapili and sand material and Gas from…

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Mount Bromo Eruption on Dec 24.2010

This is Update photos of Mount Bromo Eruption on Dec 24,2010 where is the eruption is Volcanic eruption with Volcanic Ash and Sands Material plumes from Tengger Caldera’s Mount Bromo cone rose 400-800 m above the crater, some times more than 800 m and the eruption to east wind. [picasaView album=”MountBromoEruption2010″ instantView=”yes”] The ash damaged agricultural land, impacted trees and river valleys, and disrupted transportation infrastructure at Cemoro Lawang Village until Ngadisari Village. The Ash distant more than 20 km…

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Mount Slamat Update Status

Mount Slamet is Gunungapi strato cone-shaped, with a high peak 3432 m dpl. Location Gunungapi Slamet administratively into 5 Regency Kabupaten Pemalang, Banyumas regency, Brebes district, Tegal Regency and Regency Purbalingga, Propvinsi Java The middle. Geographically located at the position 7o14’30 “South Latitude and 109o12’30 “East Longitude. On 21 April 2009, at 12:00 pm, in the status level II

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