Lewotobi Volcano raised to Alert – Level 2 from Normal at Sept 30,2013

CVGHM reported that seismicity at Lewotobi Perempuan are increase and from September 30,2013 raised status from Normal to Alert (level II) Lewotobi Volcano 1703m asl is twin Volcano with name Lewotobi Laki-Laki and Lewotobi Perempuan also know as “husband and wife” Volcano. located in the southeastern part of the island of Flores, east Flores Indonesia Lewotobi Perempuan in History ever recorded erupted in 1921 and 1935, 1921 eruption accompanied the eruption of ash hurl stones. While the 1935 eruption of…

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Paluweh Volcano Made Pyroclastic Flow into the Sea

People in Palu’e Island they believe if the noisy over the Rokatenda Volcano, they are working Ancestors .. they all went into the plantation, they ran out of fear taken by ancestor spirits. after the check, not the ancestors that worked, but the Volcano is currently active and build a New Lava Dome. People are starting made Local Ceremony, he said in order to send a message to Angry Ancestor is, if we are still alive and still here, we…

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