Rokatenda Volcano made Fatalies Explosive Eruption

On June, I have 2 times visit Paluweh Volcano, this time i can get very close from the New Lava Dome call name “Rorem Bola” During this Time, Earth Quake coming every 20-30 minute after that at the Dome have small rock fall and also land Shaking.   On July, about 2 week local people report no more earth quake and on July 28,2013 local people report have a plume from the New Lava Dome. after that like no more…

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Paluweh Volcano Made Pyroclastic Flow into the Sea

People in Palu’e Island they believe if the noisy over the Rokatenda Volcano, they are working Ancestors .. they all went into the plantation, they ran out of fear taken by ancestor spirits. after the check, not the ancestors that worked, but the Volcano is currently active and build a New Lava Dome. People are starting made Local Ceremony, he said in order to send a message to Angry Ancestor is, if we are still alive and still here, we…

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Paluweh Volcano (Rokatenda) Active Lava Dome

Paluweh Volcano, known as Palue Island locate in Ende Regency, Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia) 8.32°S, 121.708°E; summit elev. 875 m, but this island is a Part of Sikka Regency, when I visit during this trip, still continues to build the New Active Lava Dome. popular call Rokatenda Volcano! this is just share some photos of Active Lava Dove on expedition Trip on November 30,2012 to December 02,2012 first reported by Local people on June 2012 with soo many times earth…

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