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Update Trip: Adventure Honeymoon

this is I’m arrange the trip for Adventure Honeymoon in Indonesia, visit spectacular Eruption of Mount Semeru, in east Java, and Visit Mount Bromo then Kawah Ijen Hiking. the trip ending in Bali Island. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Wilson, from Bristol, England. UK I’m Not work for Agent, I work as Private Tour Guide in Indonesia [picasaView album=”2009Oct13Semeru” instantView=”yes”] Planning your Adventure Honeymoon In Indonesia, and you can choose where is you like for Destination, My specialist in Volcanoes…

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Private Tours in indonesia

Explore Indonesia with Private Tour Enjoy Indonesia islands at your own pace, with your English speaking driver at your service. Allow you to the chance to customized your time and discover the most interesting sight in the comfort and privacy. Activity/Tour Discover the most scenic view of Indonesia, Java island, Bali Island, Sumatra island, Flores Island, see the most famous sights, go beyond to create your own intimate connections and unique Indonesia cultural encounters. Typical Day Feel free to take…

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Customize your trip

Hi, My name is Aris, I’m available for private Guide in indonesia, for more information feel free to contact us at Email Me and we can discuss with your trip planning. some of destination is need for expedition. Destination Available for visiting and exploring with us: National Park in Indonesia Java Island * Ujung Kulon National Park (jungle trekking, Exploring, sailing, surfing, fishing, wild life adventure) * Gede Pangrango National Park (volcano trekking, mountain trekkinng) * Gunung Halimun National Park…

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