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Mount Semeru best destination for Hiking in east java

Semeru is the highest volcano in Java (3676m) and one of the most active: the Global Volcanism Program observes that ‘Semeru has been in almost continuous eruption since 1967′. The view of Mount Semeru is best enjoyed from the vista point at Gunung Penanjakan. . The journey takes about 1 hour of climbing along narrow bends and sharp switchbacks. Journey usually commences between 0300 to 0330 hrs, just in time to catch the sunrise view at Penanjakan at around 0500…

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The summit of Mt. Semeru is Mahameru

Semeru (or Semeroe, Smeroe, Smiru) volcano is situated in Malang dan Lumajang region, East Java. The summit of Mt. Semeru is Mahameru (+ 3676 m asl) which is located at 08°06’30” south latitude and 112°55′ east longitude and is the highest peak in Java. In the southern part of the summit grows the young active crater which has been erupting since the nineteenth century, namely Jonggring Seloko crater. Small vulcanian explosions have occurred at intervals of between 10 minutes to…

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Update Trip: Adventure Honeymoon

this is I’m arrange the trip for Adventure Honeymoon in Indonesia, visit spectacular Eruption of Mount Semeru, in east Java, and Visit Mount Bromo then Kawah Ijen Hiking. the trip ending in Bali Island. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Wilson, from Bristol, England. UK I’m Not work for Agent, I work as Private Tour Guide in Indonesia [picasaView album=”2009Oct13Semeru” instantView=”yes”] Planning your Adventure Honeymoon In Indonesia, and you can choose where is you like for Destination, My specialist in Volcanoes…

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Java Volcanoes Study

this is simple story when I trip with my guest from German society of Volcanology. the trip starting from Bali and finish at Mount Papandayan. in this trip, we study of Volcanoes visiting Mount Ijen (kawah Ijen) test the lake temperature and acid then after here, we exploration the south flank of Mount semeru, already 3 month in active. next destination is explore Mount Kelud for testing the Oxygen concentrate and Hot temperature. in Mount Merapi we explore the Woro…

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Increased’s Activities G. Semeru’s to Level 2 (orange flag) Being standby

Translate from The evaluation of the level of G. Semeru as follows: I. Introduction Mount Semeru is a type-A active Gunungapi monitored continuously. Location G. Semeru administratively located in the District Lumajang and Malang, East Java, and the geographical position on the 8 ° 06 ’30”south latitude and 112 ° 55′ East Longitude. Peak tertingginya Mahameru named (+ 3676 m dpl), located in the old crater wall G. Semeru. Mahameru peak is the highest location on the island of…

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Mount Semeru Closed to Climbers

Mount Semeru Closed to Climbers Monday, 05 January, 2009 | 14:57 WIB TEMPO Interactive, Lumajang: Starting from today (5/1), the Semeru Bromo Tengger National Park is closed, due to poisonous gases. Jusman, head of the national park for the Lumajang area, said that the permission will not be granted for climbers. “If there are any climbing activities, they’ll be considered illegal,” he said. He mentioned three reasons for not allowing climbing activities: the weather, the climbing route condition, and poisonous…

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