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Dukono Volcano on Going Eruption

Dukono is located at the northern most of the Halmahera island. It has a broad profile and is capped by many compound craters. Dukono is a very active volcano. Now in last update on Going eruption with ash rain, also some sands material eruption at December 05,2009 [picasaView album=”DukonoVolcanoHalmahera” instantView=”yes”] “Ternate (ANTARA News) – Mount Dukono in North Halmahera Regency (Halmahera utara), North Maluku eruption with  re-belching ash, following an increase in volcanic activity volcano 1500 meters highes. “Ash from…

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Indonesia Volcano Guide

Indonesia Volcano Guide with More Than 9 Years in Indonesia Volcano Guide with visit Active Volcanoes The List of Volcano Available Exploration with Me, and on the Trip I’m also available for Hiring the Guide Only designed for Vulcanologist, Photografer and Explore the Volcanoes [picasaView album=”VolcanoTourIndonesia” instantView=”yes”] Trip Available with us to climb Volcano in …some volcanes need expedition SUMATERA VOLCANOES – Mount Kerinci (3,800 m – the highest volcano of Indonesia) – Mount Merapi -Mount Sibayak (2,212 m) –…

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The summit of Mt. Semeru is Mahameru

Semeru (or Semeroe, Smeroe, Smiru) volcano is situated in Malang dan Lumajang region, East Java. The summit of Mt. Semeru is Mahameru (+ 3676 m asl) which is located at 08°06’30” south latitude and 112°55′ east longitude and is the highest peak in Java. In the southern part of the summit grows the young active crater which has been erupting since the nineteenth century, namely Jonggring Seloko crater. Small vulcanian explosions have occurred at intervals of between 10 minutes to…

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