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Mt Sinabung Special Eruption Tour

This trip is design for only special eruption tour, if you interesting feel free to contact me at ndesoadventure@gmail.com from end of october 2016, Mount Sinabung continue ongoing eruption with pyroclatic flow into southern flank. Mt Sinabung Special eruption tour, this is will going with experience volcano tour guide in Indonesia. this trip only valid on November 2016 Mount Sinabung (Indonesian: Gunung Sinabung, also Dolok Sinabung,[3] Deleng Sinabung, Dolok Sinaboen,Dolok Sinaboeng and Sinabuna is a Pleistocene-to-Holocene stratovolcano of andesite and…

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indonesia volcanic eruption November 2013

this just simple update about Indonesia Volcanoes eruption on November 2013 Mount Sinabung, locate at north Sumatera on November 24,2013 has raised to Warning – Level IV (awas) after 18 times continues eruption and evacuate more than 1000o people living near of this Volcano Last known eruption on 1600 and ever reported on 1881 then wake up and active again on Augustus – September 2010 with Vulcanian eruption type. this is small history of Sinabung Volcano August 27, 2010 Small…

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Gunung ibu (ibu Volcano ) on October 2013, Lava Dome still continuesly eruption

Gunung Ibu, Ibu Volcano locate at Ibu distric west halmahera, North Molucas indonesia. with elevate 1325m asl. Ibu Volcano still continuesly eruption with also Active Lava Dome stil Growing and also high about 1250m asl Ibu is a stratovolcano with a single historic eruption in 1911. The eruption was explosive and made the Crater and until now, still growing and continuesly active since Aug 2009 When I visit Ibu Volcano, some rock fall still continuesly and now, it’s looks merger…

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Dukono Volcano on Going Eruption

Dukono is located at the northern most of the Halmahera island. It has a broad profile and is capped by many compound craters. Dukono is a very active volcano. Now in last update on Going eruption with ash rain, also some sands material eruption at December 05,2009 [picasaView album=”DukonoVolcanoHalmahera” instantView=”yes”] “Ternate (ANTARA News) – Mount Dukono in North Halmahera Regency (Halmahera utara), North Maluku eruption with  re-belching ash, following an increase in volcanic activity volcano 1500 meters highes. “Ash from…

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Adventure Cave Exploration is darkness, Silent, Wet adventure

Indonesia is one of land with thousand Cave in The world, and still waiting to explorer by Cavers Adventure, Geologist or just Hobbies for fun Caving is a truly memorable experience and gives you the opportunity to see the hidden side of our limestone areas. For a first really adventurous trip underground it’s a good idea to book on to a guided trip. This will see you properly equipped and in experienced hands Want to try caving but not sure…

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Mount Marapi still on going eruption Oct 2011

Today, it has happened three times in the eruption of Mount Marapi. yesterday, the eruption occurred 13 times and four times the gusts of smoke in the crater Marapi. increased volcanic activity. In fact, the number of eruptions increased three-fold during ten days in October Mount Marapi location in west sumatera, Tanah Datar region is one of active volcanoes in sumatera.  in history this volcano reportedly On 8 September 1830 issued a cauliflower-shaped clouds of gray-black with a thickness of 1500…

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MT Merapi eruption 2010 is a second Biggest

“This 2010 Merapi eruption of the second Biggest eruption of Merapi In 100 Years” MT Merapi, location at Central Java with elevation 2998m asl, this Volcano is one of very active volcanoes over the World. ashes going up on MT Merapi eruption 2010, this photo taken from Deles Village 4 km from the Summits Flicker Photography, originally uploaded by Ndeso Adventure. in Oct 26, 2010 17.00 local time  was erupted with explosion, on this first eruption Mt Merapi kill  15…

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Batu Tara Volcano, Komba Island Flores sea, Indonesia

Mount Batu Tara is Active Volcano start for eruption at  2009 until now this article write  may 26,2010 the Volcano still on going eruption, but in Volcano survey of Indonesia, no record for History of this Volcano, The first historical  eruption from Batu Tara, during 1847-52, produced explosions and a lava flow. in May 2010, this Volcano , the Darwin VAAC  reported that during 6-11 April ash plumes from Mt Batu Tara Mount Batu Tara is located at Small island…

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