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Batu Tara Volcano Expedition and Paluweh Volcano 2013

Note: Expedition to Batu Tara is Isolated island, and the island is No People, Clean water, and we will sleep at Bivak at Front of Batu Tara Volcano at east flank, and sometimes also litle bit difficult for Landing because waves in the beach and YOU MUST HAVE PROCTECTING CAMERA EQUIPMENT from Sea Water is very important Expedition to Paluweh is very Basic facility and NO Accommodation/Hotel. We sleep at Camp/Bivak/Local House and Transport only using Motorcycle, and No Clean…

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Batu Tara Volcano, Komba Island Flores sea, Indonesia

Mount Batu Tara is Active Volcano start for eruption at  2009 until now this article write  may 26,2010 the Volcano still on going eruption, but in Volcano survey of Indonesia, no record for History of this Volcano, The first historical  eruption from Batu Tara, during 1847-52, produced explosions and a lava flow. in May 2010, this Volcano , the Darwin VAAC  reported that during 6-11 April ash plumes from Mt Batu Tara Mount Batu Tara is located at Small island…

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