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Photo Update : Mount Bromo Eruption 17-20 March,2011

this is some photos of Mount Bromo eruption.  begin at Nov 24.2010 Mt Bromo erupt with phreatic eruption with plume of Mud, ash and Smoke, this situation still continue eruption and on Feb early 2011, Mt Bromo sometimes have Strombolian eruption with combination also phreatic. this photo I take from March 17 to March 20,2011, 3 night at Mt Bromo, on evening we climb Mt Batok for good Position to take Photograph also from the Temple, 1 km from Bromo…

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MT Merapi eruption 2010 is a second Biggest

“This 2010 Merapi eruption of the second Biggest eruption of Merapi In 100 Years” MT Merapi, location at Central Java with elevation 2998m asl, this Volcano is one of very active volcanoes over the World. ashes going up on MT Merapi eruption 2010, this photo taken from Deles Village 4 km from the Summits Flicker Photography, originally uploaded by Ndeso Adventure. in Oct 26, 2010 17.00 local time  was erupted with explosion, on this first eruption Mt Merapi kill  15…

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Mt Arjuno and Mt Welirang Mountain Hiking

Mt Welirang, with elevation 3156m, location in east Java, with coordinate …. with also have 3 summit, Mt Kembar 1, Mt Kembar 2 and Mt Arjuno with elevation 3339m all of this volcano type is Stratovolcano. With 3 summit is active Volcanoes with little bit smoke and smells of sulfur. Mt Arjuno is the second highest volcano in East Java after the famous Mount Semeru, with all rock material on summit, and one of difficult trek for Volcano adventure in…

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