On July when we made trip to Batu Tara Volcano.   During this time the eruption between 20 minute until 60 minutes,  This is some photo of Batutara,

The small isolated island of Batu Tara in the Flores Sea about 70 km north flores sea, Indonesia

This is some of Photos on Batu Tara Volcano expedition on June 2013
with Pierre Vetch, Fabien Cruchon, Marc Callet, Pierre Burgi from a Socièté of Volcanologie of Geneva

and July 2013 with French People Mrs LAUSSEL Laurence, Mrs Robic Roselyne, Mr Sable Alain, Mrs Cabot Raymonde

smoking pipe

A Rare Eruption on Batu Tara Volcano, this made smoking ring on July Expedition



Night Eruption at Batu Tara Volcano, the Most Active Stombolian Volcano in Indonesia


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more photo
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