this is some of Update Photos on Across Borneo Jungle expedition,  from Aug 07 to Aug 24,2011

follow the Old Dayak Punan Route, also Follow the route of Georg Muller 1825 and a German explorer Anthony Schwaner expedition 1843-1848,

some of Adventurer and explorer told about this trip is Challenging with also sometimes Very Booring for Transport this trip are most interesting combination with Land Transport, River Boat (long Boat) and Crossing Jungle and river way from West to East Borneo….. I call wet..wet..wet.. wild expedition

more than 2000 Km.. from Pontianak to Balik Papan via Kapuas River 1.350 km and follow the Mahakam River 950 km.. with 18 Days Journey It is a long exciting journey between roads, rugged lands, woods and river streams combining with cultural life of the most traditional Dayak Tribes.

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aCross Borneo is an extreme jungle expedition in the tropical rainforest of Borneo. This expedition is a real jungle trekking that follows a historical expedition route of a Dutch botanist, DR. Anton W. Niewenhius in 1894 who crossed the jungle border of West and East Kalimantan (Borneo). This tour asks your spirit and brave to attack rapids with a traditional wooden boat, attack steep mountains. *…Kapuas river, the longest river in Indonesia and Mahakam river, the biggest river in East Kalimantan, Indonesia