Results and visual monitoring of development activities kegempaan Gunungapi Children Krakatau in Lampung Selatan District, Lampung Province:
I. Observation Kegempaan
At this time G. Son of Krakatau in Waspada status, activities kegempaan since 1 March 2009 as follows:
* Date 1 – 18 March 2008, seismograph is often not the road at night (Off Carrier), as a means to share resources that in the weak, this can happen because the weather is often cloudy. Earthquake in vulkanik (VA) recorded an average of 1 time per day and the events vulkanik shallow earthquake (VB) recorded average – 2 times the average number of events with the maximum 58 times vulkanik shallow earthquake occurrence (VB) on 12 March 2009 and also recorded the number of maximum of 14 times per day the earthquake occurrence blast.
Date * 19 – 23 March 2009, shallow earthquakes vulkanik (VB) is relatively increased and the average 6 events per day, while the number of earthquakes in vulkanik (VA) recorded only on 22 and 23 March with the respective 4 and 5 times incident. Eruption and earthquake activity lembusan not recorded.
* On 24 March 2009, observed an increase of G. Son of Krakatau identified 29 incidents recorded by the earthquake in vulkanik (VA), and 31 times vulkanik shallow earthquake occurrence (VB).
* Date of 25 March 2009, increased earthquake activity continues with the times recorded 49 incidents in the quake vulkanik (VA), 62 times vulkanik shallow earthquake occurrence (VB), and the sharp increase of 19 times the incident earthquake and explosion earthquake 46 times the incident blast. More see at